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We bring to you the best-of-breed 3D Printers for Additive Manufacturing

Brands We Carry

Professional Grade 3D Printers

Affordable & Professional

Choose your finishing quality and compatible 3rd party filaments while maintaining an unbeatable price

Masterwork of Engineering

Stereolithography printers with super-precise 3D printing technologies that deliver every single minute detail of the model

High Precision Applications

High-Res printing for range of applications including Jewelry, Medical and Engineering

Digital Dentistry

Gives dental laboratories ability to 3D print Orthodontic Models, Denture Frameworks, Dental models & more

Industrial Strength 3D Printers

Strong, stiff reinforced parts in a matter of hours.
Desktop Manufacturing that delivers functional End-Use parts made with the strongest composite materials

Large Scale Printing

Open Frame FFF 3D Printer with a capacity of over one cubic meter, ideal setting for manufacturing large-scale objects.