Cellink Inkredible 3D Printer

For bioprinting of complex human tissue models and organs

The INKREDIBLE range of bioprinters from CELLINK are touted as the only bonafide benchtop 3D bioprinter in the market. Consistent and reliable, the printers offer a range of applications and are the perfect tools for the researchers and innovators setting up their research in regenerative medicine.

Offering a sterile environment, with dual printing heads and UV LED Curing system, INKREDIBLE can be used for the complicated process of bioprinting human tissue models and organs for research in tissue engineering. The patendedclean chamber technology further solidifies the printer’s stance as a standalone, benchtop solution for bioprinting of human skin, cartilage tissue and furthering stem cell research.

Starting at an affordable price of $5,000, it comes in two versions.  The other being the INKREDIBLE+ which is a more expensive model offering advanced features and wider capabilities

Product Features

Sterile Printing Chamber

INKREDIBLE’s 3D printingchamber facilitates a sterile, CGMP environment for all your printing needs. Equipped with a HEPA filter, positive air pressure is created inside the chamber, making sure that all bioprinting is clean and sterile.

Double Extrusion Printheads

The dual printheads in the system, allow varied types of cells in the same composition without having to interrupt the bioprinting process. This enables the INKREDIBLE bioprinter to print elaborate compositions without them breaking down during the printing process.

UV-Crosslinking System

INKREDIBLE’s UV crosslinking system helps print strong __ that do not lose form when being moved. The INKREDIBLE range of printers have over 365 nm LED as standard and an option to expand to 405 nm to gain access to a variety of bioinks that can be crosslinked.


The INKREDIBLE bioprinteris adaptable toa slew of materials for bioprinting, even those fabricated in research labs. While that is an option, CELLINK also manufactures a wide range of its own consumables.

Key Benefits & Applications

CELLINK’s INKREDIBLE range of printers, offer the perfect product bridge between the industrial and professional sphere. It stands as an economic bioprinting unit for researchers to foray into the field and start their research in creating 3D printed skin and human tissue. INKREDIBLE’s pneumatic extrusion based 3D printing process makes it less damaging to the cells. The unit can either be used as a standalone one, owing to its LCD controller or can be surveyed via a paired computer. It supports and can be paired with most of the dominant operating systems.

This versatile bioprinter is amenable to a horde of printing materials making it the perfect candidate for research on cell culturing, bio scaffolding and other regenerative 3D bioprinting processes. With an almost CGMP, sterile environment, the INKREDIBLE 3D printer provides the perfect tool for 3D printing of human skin, cartilage tissue, and conducting stem cell research.

Watch the video to see how this product helps researchers worldwide who want to start bioprinting human tissues

Buy Cellink’sInkredible benchtop 3D Printer optimized to bioprint Skin and Cartilage tissue

Usage & Operation

The INKREDIBLE is a pneumatic-based, micro extrusion bioprinter with double printheads and UV LED curing for bioprinting human and cartilage tissue. It has a build volume of 130 x 80 x 50 mm, with the Printbed having insets for P100 petri dish and multi-well plates. Operates at a maximum pressure of 700kPa and a layer resolution of 100 µm [0.0039 in]. The INKREDIBLE Bioprinter comes with a software bundle of Slic3r, Repetier-Host, can process STL/OBJ/AMF files and supports Windows (XP 32 bit/7+), Mac OS X (10.6 64 bit/10.7+) and Ubuntu Linux (12.04+).

Watch this video to understand how the INKREDIBLE Bioprinter by CELLINK works, its functionalities and how the process of 3D printing human skin, cartilage and tissue takes place.

3D Bioprinting in Singapore

Singapore is slowly emerging as the leader in Bioprinting in Asia and Eastern part of the world, with several institutions such as NUS, NTU and Proctor & Gamble’s collaborative efforts with the public R&D agency. This rise in interest and activity in the 3D bioprinting research and development certainly creates space for independent innovators and researchers to use the INKREDIBLE range of bioprinters for their stem cell research and to create 3D Printed Skin & Cartilage Tissue. In addition to reselling professional grade 3D Printers to the Biomedical & Research industry in Singapore and Malaysia, 3D Bots also provides support throughout the sale and post-sale process for the complete range of CELLINK bioprinters.

For a FREE demo of the Cellink Inkredible 3D Printer or other similar 3D printing machines

For a FREE demo of the Cellink Inkredible 3D Printer or other similar 3D printing machines

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